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Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis (Lost Science Series) by David Hatcher Childress is an in-depth analysis that attempts to prove aircraft were in use. Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis has 32 ratings and 2 reviews. Did the ancients have the technology of flight? In this incredible volume on an. Childress is not the first author to write about the “vimanas” mentioned in an ancient manuscript from India called the Mahabarata. Other authors have felt this .

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Who was the mysterious “Dr.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Report your UFO sighting Read ancieht articles on this topic: A Dweller on Two Planets was dictated by automatic writing in by “Phylos the Thibetan,” a spirit.

Just a moment while we vimana aircraft of ancient india and atlantis you in to your Goodreads account. I will not attempt to explain, as the technical aspects are pretty vimana aircraft of ancient india and atlantis. Rawana flies Sita in his aerial car that is like the sun high over woods, valleys, and high mountain tops.

The dome opened to catch the sun. However, during the telling of his particular adventure we are told of his ascent to heaven in a car that travels upwards to the clouds with a noise like thunder. The Ra Material Don Elkins. Not to be missed by those interested in ancient civilizations or the UFO enigma.

He believes the caduceus, with its two snakes wound around a rod, and symbolic of the god Mercury, is an ancient indicator of flight lf by mercury and magnetics. The author discusses the work of William Clendenon with whom he has written a more recent viana, Atlantis and the Power System of the Gods: How can vimana aircraft of ancient india and atlantis be sure the translator has made sense of the original?


How can anyone possibly evaluate such descriptions? Not all the illustrations are just imaginary though. I only skimmed the translated document, since it really is of little value to the casual reader.

Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis

Ramji Srinivasan rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Technology of the Gods David Hatcher Childress. The anicent rod corresponds to the one in the vimanas. Lots of Fuel for Speculation Both books the Childress and the Scully strain credulity a bit, but they add wonderful ideas to the ongoing debate about the nature of UFOs.

In the Ramyana, often cited as the second great Indian epic after the Mahabharatawe are told about vimanas that fly at great heights with the aid of quicksilver and a great propulsive wind. Chariots of the Gods Erich Von Deaniken. Also an entire chapter on mercury vortex propulsion and mercury gyros, the power source described vimana aircraft of ancient india and atlantis the ancient Indian texts.

Twelfth Planet Zecharia Sitchin. Also included are chapters on Atlantean technology, the incredible Rama Empire of India and the devastating wars that destroyed it.

Vimana Aircraft Of Ancient India and Atlantis by Childress, David Hatcher

Behind the Flying Saucers. Selected pages Title Page.

He regained his original, spiritual body — one appropriate for an associate of the Lord. Childress’s Lost Cities series, which includes Lost Cities of North and Central America and Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America, takes the reader on an incredible adventure through time exploring ancient mysteries and lost civilizations. Was God An Astronaut? With burning tail he swings himself up over the rooftops and kindles vast conflagrations vimana aircraft of ancient india and atlantis that the tall buildings and towers collapse and the pleasure gardens are laid to waste.

When Attlantis Began Zecharia Sitchin. But that does not mean the information is worthless, as much slickly-produced material is pure propaganda. Vimana David Hatcher Childress.


Because the descriptions are so detailed giving exact measurements and materialsthey DO seem to arise from something real. Gee” and what did he really know about flying saucers?

Did the ancients have the technology of flight? Did the ancients have the power of flight? It basically tells the story of Ajamila, a vimana aircraft of ancient india and atlantis criminal, who at the moment of his death is saved from a terrible judgement and punishment by four beautiful figures who arrive to save him by the divine grace of Lord Krisna.

Andrew Cox rated it really liked it Apr 01, My library Help Advanced Book Search. The illustrations in the book make it worthwhile, as they are gathered from many sources and give numerous renditions of what the vimanas from the Rama Empire of India and the vailxi from Atlantis looked like.

Other authors have felt this puzzling source not only tells us about sophisticated flying ships, but also tells of nuclear wars raining terrible destruction on an apparently highly advanced civilization.

Forgotten Promise Sherry Wilde. He did not, vimana aircraft of ancient india and atlantis all accounts, need a runway like most modern aircraft in order to take-off: This person knew all about flying saucers and explained that a number of them had crashed and were in the possession of the US government. Despite his public involvement in the general field of study, Childress claims to have no academic credentials as a professional David Hatcher Childress born is an American author and publisher of books on topics in alternative history and historical revisionism.