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The User Guide contains an introduction, tutorial, a number of “how to” guides, and then reference documentation for the components that make up the. 26 Jan CodeIgniter is a web application framework for PHP. It enables developers to build web applications faster, and it offers many helpful code. Open Source PHP Framework (originally from EllisLab) – bcit-ci/CodeIgniter. Release Information. This repo contains in-development code for future releases.

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If, for example, we created a function called foo, we could find this as http: In this new file, we’ll create a class which has the same name as the file. You want a framework that does not require you to use the command line. It is a programing pattern used in developing web apps. You need exceptional performance. You want a framework that does not require you to adhere to restrictive coding rules. Within this class, you need to create a function called “index”.

Below is a list of reasons of what makes CodeIgniter a smart framework to use? But we aren’t done yet. CodeIgniter is developed by EllisLab and has thorough, easy to understand documentation.

CodeIgniter Documentation

Additionally, since we will be using the database quite a bit, we want it to auto load so that we don’t have to specifically load it each time we connect. Quick Links Explore popular categories. To load any resources into CI e.

In the getData function we are going to use Active Record database functions which speed up database development times when working with CI and databases. But, trust me; when you’re working with a large application, being able to reuse models or views saves a great deal of time. You can accomplish this task by creating a. Next, we just need to create our normal html, head and body elements, and then a header and paragraph for the information from the database.


That way, when you go to the address http: If we visited http: When you visit “http: Another nifty trick is to turn on CI’s ability to parse PHP alternative syntax if its not enabled by the server.

Some downsides to frameworks are that they provide unwanted classes, adding code bloat which makes the app harder to navigate. CodeIgniter is a very light, well performing framework. To display all the records received from the database, we put it in a “foreach” loop which loops through all the elements. In the controller index function, we need to load the model, query the database, and pass this queried data to the view.

You need broad compatibility with standard hosting accounts that run a variety of PHP versions and configurations.

Below is codeighiter description of MVC. Change the default array item to point to the “helloworld” controller. Over 9 Million Digital Assets. While, it is perfect for tktorial beginner because of the small learning curveit’s also perfect for large and demanding web applications. The view file is what the user sees and interacts with, it could be a segment of a page, or the whole page.

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Everything You Need to Get Started With CodeIgniter

You need clear, thorough documentation. Who is CodeIgniter For?

A successful implementation of this lets developers modify their user interface or backend with out affecting the other. CI also has a view file that we do not need. CodeIgniter lets you creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task. Let’s create a controller that will display the view, and load the model. You want a framework that requires nearly zero configuration.

Everything you need for your next creative project. They are just PHP classes that contain functions which work with information from tutotial database.

CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2.2.6

Point your browser to http: Feed Like Follow Follow Weekly email summary. Now that its on your server, I’ll explain what all the folders and files are for:.

CodeIgniter is right for you if: Most of it requires you to edit a few configuration files.

Essentially, they are simplified functions to create queries. This may sound like alot of work to do. We are starting to configure it specifically for our new helloworld app.

You eschew complexity, favoring simple solutions. Frameworks allow for structure in developing applications by providing reusable classes and functions which can reduce development time significantly.