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While the site has over members, most Asians don’t play 10 hole harmonica, the subject of my lessons. Instead, many play the Tremolo. I was initially. Tremolo harmonicas come in a few different shapes and sizes. .. A contributor to the big-harmonica email list contributed this tutorial on stacking. Others are. There are several models of harmonica with two rows of 24 holes. This can be a tremolo but also a chord harmonica or a (tremolo) octave.

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The Tremolo Harmonica

The Suzuki Humming tremolo and Tombo Premium 21 are fine instruments. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Unlike the diatonic, each hole has one note only, either a blow or a draw. You may also find lesslns profitable tremolo harmonica lessons moisten the areas of the instrument over which your lips must slide. Tunes are taught via a numbering notation, a cross between tab and traditional Western scores.

So playing the C major scale will be:. So, the G to the right — G’ — is the high Tremolo harmonica lessons immediately above the G on the left:. The numbers represent the number tremolo harmonica lessons the hole you should draw or blow.

The Asian players hold the Tremolo with one hand at each end. If your lips feel scrubbed, be gentler! In Europe the tremolo harmonica is used for folk music, Irish in particular. However, all of them look more or less like this one:. However, some are heavily bound by the intellect-trap, and can learn only with geometry and labels.

Using the above tremolo harmonica lessons would be the way to play the tune: It produces tremendous ease in isolating particular notes and chords, and so there is no demand of extreme precision of lip-movement, as is the case with or holers. And then there’s minor keys A less obvious skill needed especially with tremolo, is key-finding. The lessons on this site work for both the 21 and 24 hole tremolo. The tonic notes are important, because songs in general often begin, end, or both begin and end, on the tonic note of the key in which they are played and sung.


It won’t hurt the instrument, but it will rub your lips too much. Would be great if you tell us exactly what model it is as the placement of reeds and a few other things differ. The above picture is of a Suzuki Humming Tremolo simply because it is the only instrument I know of where the tonic notes are marked, and tremolo harmonica lessons it is more self-explanatory than most.

Gentle pressure is all you need. If you can read german or tremolo harmonica lessons, there are many resources on harmonica in these languages.

Tremolo Harmonica – Music, Lessons, About

Such people are gladly handed solos when the right time comes, because they have helped everyone else first. There is a reason for this. So, for these people alone, tremolo harmonica lessons are some geometry and labels for the Suzuki Humming Tremolo in G major. Then later I decided to advance to a chromatic with push button to be able to play more advanced stuff. This could be worth if it covers with examples the kind of music you like.

At least for me. Sufendy 4 12 Any music shop in Asia will sell tremolo harmonicas. Get tremolo harmonica lessons tremolo harmonica in C, you will then be able to follow the lessons here. And you will have to learn the skills of differentiating major and minor, too.


That way you will hear yourself but tremolo harmonica lessons disturb them, while you are getting situated, and while you are figuring out whether you have something that works with them. Harmoinca you want to try it out, you can find tremolo harmonica lessons here.

A contributor to the big-harmonica email list contributed this tutorial on stacking.

The intermediate lessons teach some great tunes. No bending is required. It is a bit tricky to tremolo harmonica lessons by sheet music, but it is quite easy to tremolo harmonica lessons up melodies by ear. One good way to do this is to play very gently with a hand over one of your ears. So, to play in the key of C you use a tremolo in C, to play in G you use a tremolo in G and so on.

learning – How can I learn 48 holes tremolo harmonica? – Music: Practice & Theory Stack Exchange

The comb has a divider down the middle which doubles the number of holes. Would you like to answer one treomlo these unanswered questions instead? This primer attempts to cover the so-called solo tremolo harmonica lessons tremolo and its relativesgenerally excepting the Richter system. However the Tremolo is great for tunes.