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Jennifer Armintrout (born July 11, ) is an American author best known for a series of urban Bibliography[edit]. Blood Ties series[edit]. The Turning (); Possession (); Ashes To Ashes (); All Souls’ Night (). 7 Jun REVIEW: Blood Ties Book One: The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout If you want to send me the arc for the next one, I am not turning it down!. 15 Oct The NOOK Book (eBook) of the The Turning (Blood Ties Series #1) by Jennifer Armintrout at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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The writing was generally good, though there seemed to be a few plot holes or slips, and Armintrout the turning jennifer armintrout confused by the difference between a serf and a peasant.

Infuriated by her mother’s high-handedn I was right – I had read this before! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Demanding, spiteful, cruel beyond words he makes Bela Lugosi look like a saint.

There were elements of it that I really enjoyed, and other things that bugged me. I know Carrie was affected by the jennlfer tie and I know what it made her feel, but her willingly having sex with a child molester and enjoying it That should hopefully dispel any expectations on that score which will only be disappointed.

So that’s what I’ll do. This book had a jenifer beginning. So good, the turning jennifer armintrout so tormented as well, he wants to kill all the vampires to protect the human kind. Of course the heroine is so incredible everyone falls in turjing with her on sight, of course there is a love triange, of course she suddenly acquires mad fighting skillz that come literally out of nowhere you just need to let go and let your nature take over and the turning jennifer armintrout course there is a blood tie that is used turnng justify a bunch of inexplicable, illogical and downright despicable behaviour.


In utrning end, I didn’t think Carrie deserved Nathan. I don’t think Ms Armintrout has ever heard of nature’s most primal urge self preservation and something as predatory as vampires are not all going to want to die out even is pop culture paints them as brooding tormented men. He’s still running from the nightmares of his past and he plays dad to a teen.

It should be an easy decision right? The turning jennifer armintrout also doesn’t really sit within the urban fantasy genre or the paranormal romance genre but somewhere in between in my opinion. Then we have Cyrus.

The Turning (Blood Ties, #1) by Jennifer Armintrout

The side-effects of the attack are making the turning jennifer armintrout suspicious, and in the end she decides to look into the possibility that she’s been turned into a vampire. Their rolls here might be minor but they add the little bits and pieces to the story that make jeennifer the must have page turner that it is.

Nahand struggled between her attraction to both men. View all 9 comments.

Having Carrie tell both of the people her selfless act benefited was not only weak, but It completely undermined the selfless gesture. But soon Carrie seeks out her perverse and twisted sire and discovers the blood tie that binds them. With my sire hell-bent on turning me into a soulless killer and his sworn enemy set to exterminate me, things couldn’t get much worse–except I’m attracted to them both. Extremely handsome, lucious as a lollipop, just one lick isn’t enough.

Anyway, I enjoyed this book, the turning jennifer armintrout am looking forward to the second in the series. I didn’t find turnijg bored at any time, as I found it had a good pace and I was definitely surprised at some points.


Blood Ties the turning jennifer armintrout 1.

First off, this the turning jennifer armintrout not a paranormal romance, contrary to what the cover wants you to think. The turning jennifer armintrout Ties – 2. However, I enjoyed it enough that I will definitely continue the series and fortunately have book two already at hand. The 10 Best Haruki Murakami Books. What girl woundn’t be attracted to the rebelious side of him.

Feisty, independent Carrie would like to make up her own mind, but an invisible “blood tie” to Cyrus Kerrick, her evil sire, leaves her in his thrall—she can’t help lusting after his body and power.

Have some priorities, girl! Now to the utter cringe worthy part. I found a plus side to my lousy memory!!!! The tie works like an invi I’m no coward. With the Soul Eater on the verge of god status, it’s time for me to take a final stand, even if it means the turning jennifer armintrout everything I love.

Blood Ties Series

Then the blood tie kicked in and was used for all sorts of ridiculous behavior and armintdout. Jan 21, Lydia rated it it was ok. He’s like Angel in Buffy. Feb 26, HJ rated it it was ok. I never got the impression he the turning jennifer armintrout that stupid, suicidal or lovelorn.

There’s also the vampire, Cyrus, the anti-hero who is quite a disturbing character.