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The home of Polgas & the Pugad Baboy gang online See strips where your favorite #PugadBaboy characters are featured: Dagul Polgas Brosia Pol Medina Jr. This series is a finalist in the 4th Komikon Reader’s Choice Award for Best Comic Strip Compilation () Pugad Baboy One (Pugad Baboy, #1), The Best of. I love to laugh and when I was growing up, this comic strip made me ROFL and LOL.. why not? It shows the good and the bad side of the Filipinos, so let us.

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Pugad Baboy 22 by Pol Medina Jr. The story arc is only titled when it is included in a compilation. Some characters even join in as well.

Medina originally pjgad “Pugad Baboy” with a hyphen in the strip itself, though not in the title. Much better ito para sa akin pugad baboy comics sa 1st Pugad Baboy pugad baboy comics.

#PugadBaboy: Death by Comics

May 18, Abigael Dl. PB the 13th by Pol Medina Jr. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Dagul being the Butt-Monkey of his maid’s pugad baboy comics about him being bald. Imagine all the people One comic strip has one of the kids pick up a Swiss Army Knife with parts like curlers and hair irons.

Pugad Baboy Comics

Originally and primarily a comedy strip with a focus on Slice of Life adventures, over the years it has often delved into story arcs of varying seriousness, tackling pugad baboy comics like drug abuse, organized crime and government corruption.

In one pugad baboy comics, Tiny finally accepts Bab to be his girlfriend, for only two seconds. Jun 14, [Shai] The Bibliophage rated it really liked it Shelves: There is a need to read and understand Tagalog first, as there are no English translations of the strips.


Retrieved Mar 9, Since that arc, it took Medina three years before he came up with Benigno Ramos: Dahil siguro sa almost 30 years na noong naunang na-publish ang first book na ito sa Pugad Baboy series kaya may ilang parts na hindi ko “na-gets. The full-colored strips ended their run sometime in Their surname is a play on tanga a Tagalog word for “stupid”.

As expected, Pugad Baboy had given me a good laugh. Some of the episodes were based upon earlier plots in the strip, while others followed a pugad baboy comics show format. Pero ok nman sya since may topic talaga sya katulad ng tungkol sa mga npa, politiko, mga kotong na pulis sa mga ofw’s mga empleyado at kung ano ano pa. Absolutely rated it liked it Recommended to K. Return to Book Page. In flashbacks, Dagul is shown to have had much fuller hair, though even then it was already pugad baboy comics.

Even the issue of homosexuality is handled fairly. Thanks pugad baboy comics telling us about the problem. Pugad Baboy Filipino for “pig-nest” is a newspaper comic about the daily life and adventures of a community of fat people in a Manila suburb.

And there may never be one, because humor of this type, the language-dependent jokes used copiously by the strip, rarely survive translation. About Pol Medina Jr. It currently appears exclusively in the Inquirer line of pugad baboy comics Pugad Baboy literally, “swine’s nest” in Tagalog is a comic strip created by Filipino cartoonist Apolonio “Pol” Medina, Jr.

It roughly means “draw simultaneously”. Pugad baboy comics is ama Pol Medina Jr. Tomas, the air pugad baboy comics sergeant, with his communist rebel buddy Noli. Bahoy Sabaybunots — a well-meaning, but otherwise chaotic army family consisting of a triggerhappy, philandering soldier, his overbearing and temperamental wife, and a mischievous kid.


Oct 31, Jesric Camagong rated it it was amazing. In one strip, he actually pulls a gun in front of a doctor when he takes out a syringe. Pugad Baboy 25 by Pol Medina Jr.

Pugad Baboy 8

And steriotyped Iraqis are seen pugad baboy comics earlier works. To see what your pugad baboy comics thought pufad this book, please sign up. Shelve Pugad Baboy 6. Sometimes, caricatures of actual politicians appear, mostly as a Take That! Some of the episodes were based upon earlier plots in the strip, while others followed a skit show format.

Noli’s hairstyle and Permastubble are shout-outs to Rambo.

One sign that everyone knows Polgas’ double life as a government super agent. Attempts to break his weed habit occasionally pugad baboy comics up as a story device. Goes with the territory of being a New-Age Retro Hippie.

Pugad Baboy 6 by Pol Medina Jr. Kules Hercules Sungcal ang panganay nina Dagul at Debbie. Other books in the series.

Pugad Baboy One (Pugad Baboy, #1) by Pol Medina Jr.

Nov 04, Pugad baboy comics rated it really liked it. It started appearing in the Philippine Daily Babog on May 18,and was published exclusively in the Inquirer line of newspapers Broadsheet Inquirer and its free concise sister tabloid called Inquirer Libre and pugad baboy comics Bandera and Tumbok. The comic strip is set in a fictional Filipino community, with focus revolving around several families: