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24 Mar I tend to think that the Nathamuni’s Yoga Rahasya that he taught us is quite likely to be a combination of his own commentary and the lessons. K claims to have “channeled” the Yoga Rahasya at the age of sixteen when he met an incarnation of the year-old saint Nathamuni, but comments by his. Front Cover. Nathamuni. Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, – Yoga – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Nāthamuni’s Yoga Rahasya.

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In these passages, the Rahasya speaks as the Gita does in several ways.

Nāthamuni’s Yoga Rahasya – Nathamuni – Google Books

His other sons are Sri T. Tweet About this Article.

Krishnamacharya belonged to a cadre of Indian physical culturists formulating a pared-down Hatha Yoga focusing on the therapeutic and athletic benefits of asana in the s and 30s. This clip shows K and his daughters doing asana on their own natgamuni with his assists: Many traditional texts that stick to an pose list exist, and most—like Eighty-Four Asanas— are from the modern period.

Krishnamacharya’s Yoga Rahasya

Many students of the yoga tradition know that Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya – is credited with being the father of modern yoga, but most remain foggy about the details of his life and even foggier about the books he wrote.


You will miss the boat. Leaving aside some quotes, the commentary, and the opening invocation, the Yoga Rahasya consists of slokas. Pages Home Yama and Niyama: Like many of his colleagues, K established his skills as a malla an athlete in public exhibitions [17] but his pile of university degrees distinguished him as a jnani a scholar, or one seeking the Absolute through knowing. He recommends helpful poses and gives particular attention to pranayama for pregnancy.

So, it also seems that Krishnamacharya originally would have distinguished between a “bhaddakona” and a “bhadrapitha”. Selections from chapter 1.

Nathamuni’s Yoga Rahasya is quite likely to be a combination of……. | Centre for Yoga Studies

It likely pre-dated the Rahasya by three years. It contributes to our modern emphasis on athleticism, posture, and yoga for women. Endnotes [1] Though thirty-seven works are attributed to K by some sources see http: Charlie 10 October at To learn more, please see:.

That said, we know he did relent and teach Devi—on the orders of his king and benefactor, Wadiyar IV–and he came to have love her dearly.

Furthermore, it seems as if Krishnamacharya preferred the term “bhaddhakonasana” to “bhadrasana” or the like in Yogamakaranda. Popular Searches click on one nathmuni yoga tantra ayruveda meditation buddha. Asanas are divided into. Pattabhi Jois memorial 1 Sri K. See also Desikachar, K. Charlie I’ve added an appendix with two photos from TKV Desikachar’s translation so you can see for yourself. Therefore, who has the authority to count the number of asana-s?


He was known to K and had a gym and a great following in nearby Bangalore in the years K was active in Mysore. Is Ashtanga hatha or raja yoga 1 Krishnamacharya’s 32 headstands 1 Krishnamacharya’s Advanced asana 2 Krishnamacharya’s Ashtanga Primary series 1 krishnamacharya’s Biography 1 Krishnamacharya’s certification 1 Krishnamacharya’s daughter 1 Krishnamacharya’s early Mysore practice.

Both health and spiritual advice in yoga rayasya had been either explicitly or implicitly addressed to men. Eminent yogis have only rahqsya a few asana-s as examples.

My friend Claudia gives a nice intro to the story of the text over on her blog http: Allied Publishers, Limited, p. AS, has studied yoga and meditation for 30 years and taught both since Blog Comments are turned off, there are no “members of this blog”. If someone says that this is the number of asana-s, it is a reflection of his lack of knowledge.