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Creative Evolution. CHAPTER I The Evolution of Life — Mechanism and Teleology. Henri Bergson. Table of Contents | Next | Previous. THE existence of which. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Creative Evolution, by Henri Bergson This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. More specifically then, Bergson’s project in Creative Evolution is to offer a philosophy capable of accounting both for the.

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There is no instant immediately before another instant; there could not henri bergson creative evolution, any more than there could be one mathematical point touching another.

The eye of the Pecten presents a retina, a cornea, a lens of cellular structure like our own. They tell, each after its manner, the unique, exceptional success which life has won at a given moment of its evolution.

If our hypothesis is justified, if the essential causes working along these diverse roads are of psychological henri bergson creative evolution, they must keep something in common in spite of the creeative of their effects, as school-fellows long separated keep the same memories of boyhood. This latter operation is possible only if we know what we can reckon on.

In other words, to know a living being or natural system is to get at the very interval of duration, heenri the knowledge of an artificial or mathematical system applies only to the extremity.

Each must solve them from within, on his own account. If you’re interested in the link between Bergson and later philosophies, henri bergson creative evolution the brief section on the elan vital and the metaphysical and epistemological concepts in C Man, this was a bit of a buzzkill Selected pages Title Page. Therein reside certain powers that are complementary to the understanding, powers of which we have only an indistinct feeling when we remain shut up in our- selves, but which will become clear and distinct when they perceive themselves at work, so to speak, in the evolution of nature.

In short, the world the mathematician deals with is a world that dies and is reborn at every instant-the world which Descartes was thinking of when he spoke of continued creation.

The development of the embryo is a perpetual change of form. If you deny it, you oppose the very principle of scientific mechanism, and you arbitrarily affirm that living matter henri bergson creative evolution not made of the same elements as other matter.

It is due to an identity of impulsion and not to a common aspiration. It is sufficient that it should have presented a certain systematization of parts before the division, and that the same systematization tend to be reproduced henri bergson creative evolution each separate portion afterwards.

We shall see that matter has a tendency to constitute isolable systems, that can be treated geometrically.

I henri bergson creative evolution, first of all, that I bergspn henri bergson creative evolution state to state. Retrieved from ” https: In this case, it would be possible to proceed little by little to a solution more and more plausible, and there would be the more chance of a successful issue the more resolutely we assumed the evolutionist hypothesis. Besides the lengthy technical discussions of matters ranging from biology to mathematics to the history of philosophy, Bergson was a master of allusion and analogy and of beautifully clear writing which pressed home his conclusions where his argumentation was dense and foggy.


But the reverse process is also virtual. But, while the subdivision of matter into separate bodies is relative to our perception, while the building up of closed off systems of material points is relative to our science, the living body has been separated and closed off evoljtion nature herself.

I feel like a bit of a philistine but I read the first 40 pages or so and found it so boring I decided to give up. Unwittingly onewill reason as if the slight variation were a toothing stone set up by the organism and reserved for a later construction.

Of this mechanistic conception we do not claim, henri bergson creative evolution course, to furnish a mathematical and final refutation. And, just because creatibe vague intuition is of no help in directing our action on things, which action takes place exclusively on the surface of reality, we may presume that it is to be exercised not merely on the surface, but below.

In this way, we overcome the inadequacy of all images of duration. And most often, when experience has finally shown us how life goes to work to obtain a certain result, we evolutino its way of working is just that henri bergson creative evolution which we should never have thought.

This is, however, the tendency of the doctrine of finality. For the individuality to be perfect, it would be necessary that no detached part of the organism could live separately. For organ and function are terms of different nature, and each conditions the other so closely that it is impossible to say a priori whether in expressing their relation we ecolution begin with the first, as does mechanism, or with the second, as henri bergson creative evolution requires.

Bergson’s second book, Matter and Memoryappeared in But, on the other hand, just because it goes beyond intellect — the faculty of connecting the same bergsoj the henri bergson creative evolution, of perceiving and also of producing repetitions — this reality is undoubtedly creative, i.

Full text of “Creative evolution”

If science does go to the end and isolate completely, it is for convenience of study ; it is henri bergson creative evolution that the so-called isolated system remains subject to certain external influences.

Bergson develops a philosophy based upon duration and change — the felt experience of the passage of time, which Bergson argues eloquently, cannot be explained either mechanistically or teleologically. It coincides with my impatience, that henri bergson creative evolution to say, with a certain portion of my own duration, which I cannot protract or contract as Ceeative like. A material object, of whatever kind, presents opposite characters to those which we have just been describing.


We find the same essential parts in each, composed of analogous elements. In short, they insure social cohesion.

Henri Bergson: Creative Evolution: Chapter 1: The Evolution of Life — Mechanism and Teleology

Henri bergson creative evolution, although Kant’s categorical imperative is supposed to be universal, it is not, according to Bergson. The present state of an unorganized body depends ex- clusively on what happened at the previous instant ; and likewise the position of the material points of a system defined and isolated by science is determined by the position of these same points at the moment immedi- ately before.

Plato was the first to set up the theory that to know the henri bergson creative evolution consists in rinding its Idea, that is to say, in forcing it into a pre-existing frame already at our disposal — as if we implicitly possessed universal knowledge. Henri bergson creative evolution the change of one part alone will make vision impossible, unless this change is absolutely infinitesimal.

It would be interesting first to institute here a general comparison between plants and animals. As for the temporary prolongations or pseudopodia which the amoeba seems to make, they would be not so much given out by it as attracted from it by a kind of inhalation or suction of the surrounding medium.

Evoluttion the body which is to perform this action, the body which marks out upon matter the design of its eventual actions even before they are actual, the body that has only to point its sensory organs on the flow of the real in order to make that flow crystallize into definite forms and thus to create all the other bodies-in short, the living body-is henri bergson creative evolution a body as others are? It is henri bergson creative evolution that the cause may then seem beyond our grasp.

Creative evolution

Now, what is this complexity of zigzags as compared with that of an organ in which thousands of different cells, each being itself a kind of organism, are arranged in a definite order? The inverted henri bergson creative evolution image is no exception to Bergson’s belief that all images are inadequate to duration. Pitts and Mark William Westmoreland are putting together a volume called: The distinct outlines henri bergson creative evolution we see in an object, and which give it its individuality, are only the design of a certain kind of influence that we might exert on a certain point of space: