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Check out pricing for GFI FaxMaker, the network fax server software for Exchange /SMTP/Lotus. Sending faxes through an email client or using the GFI FaxMaker FAX message form; Using applications / devices which connect directly to the GFI FaxMaker. Find out more about GFI FaxMaker, Fax Server Software by browsing our product manuals, guides, reviews and more.

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Email-to-fax and fax-to-email technology provides a truly seamless experience for remote users.

Additional lines pricing All prices shown are per line and exclude tax. Benefits of SMA It pays to have a maintenance agreement, why?

Fax Server Software Features and Specifications | GFI FaxMaker

Access your GFI account. For more details please read our Cookie Policy. Supports low-cost operating systems. All prices shown are per user and exclude tax. A fax services channel is required to subscribe to a fax services monthly plan.

Access your GFI account. Pricing notes Looking for a pricing overview, information on licensing, or additional policies and procedures? Contact a GFI Partner. Our GFI FaxMaker product lines have 20 years of experience in delivering comprehensive fax integrations for any deployment requirements.


Email-to-fax, fax-to-email and print-to-fax capability makes it possible to fax from just about any application. Best plan for your business If you need help selecting the pricing plan that suits your needs, let us know. GFI FaxMaker offers a built-in web client interface. A fax service monthly plan cannot be changed midway through a month.

Faxing has moved on along with the rest of the world to become a fast, efficient method of communication. By continuing to browse this site, you give consent for cookies to be used.

Local fax services monthly plan All prices shown exclude tax. Try now for free. Contact a GFI office. SinceYoumex Group have provided advice and support to established listed and non-listed small and medium sized enterprises as well as medium-sized corporations.

Standard Single Product Pricing. Stream line your business applications and workflows with integrated faxing.

Number porting can only be purchased direct; it is not available on the faxmaier. No phone lines, modems or fax boards are required. Electronic faxing takes seconds, saving you time and money. Pick the plan best suited to your needs.

Integration with GFI Archiver.


For more details please read our Cookie Policy. Due to renew your SMA?

Methods of sending faxes in GFI FaxMaker

Productivity gains through the packaging of supporting medical documentation into a single outbound response have been significant. If you can email, you can fax.

Enabling businesses of all sizes to fax electronically from anywhere. By continuing to browse this site, you faxmaler consent for cookies to be used. The main product is licensed by the number of faxmakr.

Local fax pages are charged at a single, flat rate per page, regardless of quantity sent and received. Additional charges apply for account activation, porting of existing fax numbers and additional fax numbers if required. Pricing is based on the number of inbound or outbound fax pages used.

IT admins with regulation and compliance requirements to maintain an archive of fax communications can rest easy.