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17 Sep KRISTIANE BACKER’S time as one of MTV Europe’s video jockeys was an enviable whirl of celebrity and pop. This book recalls the journey of a woman, Kristiane Backer, who encountered Islam when she was a presenter with MTV. Hers was a world that had no. From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life [Kristiane Backer] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kristiane Backer was one of the very.

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Out raged by the fact that I wrot a long review only to be prompted that an error happened and my review was not possible to be saved. German television presenter Kristiane Backer, was introduced to Islam while in a relationship with Pakistani cricketer turned politician Imran Krlstiane in the from mtv to mecca kristiane backer s.

Nov 10, Marla Griffith rated it liked it Shelves: Nov 11, Namal Siddiqui rated it it was amazing. Mecxa one of the very first presenters on M Far from religion and spirituality, Kristiane Backer was in a world of her own – the entertainment, music and pop video industry, which in turn became a means to discovering herself.

Girl Number One – Medien”.

From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life by Kristiane Backer

For her work as a television presenter, Backer was awarded a Goldene Kamera award in [7] and in and two Bravo Otto awards. I remember after staying for days in a tent in Mina with only very basic amenities, on my return to From mtv to mecca kristiane backer I went to a bathroom in the Hilton Hotel directly opposite the holy mosque to avoid the crowds and for once do my washing in style. I think the two of you are going to suit each other very well.


I disagree with her crusade. Scientist Atheist Converts to Islam Part 1. How Islam Inspired My Life He embraced Islam inand changed his name to Yusuf, the Arabic for Joseph. What amazed me more was the author decided to convert to Islam after being dumped by the righteous Imran Khan claiming that one from mtv to mecca kristiane backer his spiritual advisors had warned him against marrying the author!

Aug 01, Akhlaq rated it really liked it.

Rheinische Post in German. Retrieved 2 March So, yes, being a Muslim has allowed me to immerse myself into the culture and enjoy it from within rather than looking at it from the outside like the display in a shop through a glass window.

Penasaran status perkawinan Kristiane Backer sekarang. Kristiane Backer I have been attempting to read this book for quite a long time now.

A stimulating stroll through Middle Eastern kfistiane. In the process she carries out soul searching and seeks answers to diff practical queries which a Europea An excellent read, though bit lengthy at times but the author grabs reader attention and involves the reader in her character.

Today in her mids she lives quietly in London. However, at the height of her career, a chance encounter with cricketer Imran Khan took her to Pakistan and subsequently led her to convert to Islam. Jun 08, Mujtaba rated it really liked it. There are bac,er conflicts at all, in fact real European values such as human rights, environmental consciousness, honesty, professionalism, religious freedom etc are from mtv to mecca kristiane backer Islamic values.

From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life

There were many such things closely associated to Islam that impressed Backer. That is your entire focus. Hidup glamor dan berdiri di karpet merah bersama artis-artis papan atas adalah biasa bagi Kristiane Backer muda, sampai akhirnya dia merasa from mtv to mecca kristiane backer. Although I have never actually watched any shows with Kristiane, her name still rings a bell with me.


Thank goodness I did! Kristiane has gone through an interesting and challenging journey to get to where she is today and I admire her tenacity and determination to get there. I am very comfortable in my identity as a European Muslim. Scientist Atheist Converts to Islam Part 2. I found at some points the book was a little unfocused and wittered on and on about literally everything that had ever happened in from mtv to mecca kristiane backer last ten or so years of her life, and perhaps could be condensed a little.

I received quite a positive image about Islam. Saat itu, salah satu kesuksesan MTV adalah menjadi bisa dibilang satu-satunya tontonan santai anak muda. She has been a TV journalist all her life, and this is more than clear. A journey of the soul. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My house was burned downnow i can see the rising moon -ancient Japanese saying When you accept from mtv to mecca kristiane backer don’t ce An interesting read.

Creatures are powerless to cause you injury or bring you benefit,in such matters they are mere instruments of the Lord of Truth-sheikh abdul qadir jilani ra