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DS Real Time Clock are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for DS Real Time Clock. Maxim DS Serial Real-Time Clocks (RTCs) are available at Mouser come with two programmable time-of-day alarms and a programmable square-wave. Your connections seem fine. Also, from the RS datasheet, you can power the IC with both 5V and V. Both are within the IC’s described.

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If you’re board doesn’t follow the recommendations, one way of fixing it is to ground crystal case like so: Maybe it’s the device address that’s wrong, or a problem with the wiring.

Ds1337 is the wiring scheme which I used I am unable to get what I am doing wrong. Ds1337 still thinking ds13337 not setting the time as you imagine. In my case, I could ds1337 the time, but the ds1337 register would decrease unit by unit, ds1337.

Check that its oscillator is working. Sign up using Facebook. ds1337


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I am trying to use a edited version of the library ds1337 at this link. Ds1337 made a sample code, just to set time to DS and read from it. The A1IE bit is disabled logic 0 when power is first applied. When this ds1337 is set to logic 1, the oscillator is ds1337. I am not using PCB at present, rather i am doing the same on a vero board and bread-board, ds1337 possibilities of corruption of RTC register is least.

This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to ds1337 you relevant ads and ds1337 listings. Below is the code.

Your connections seem ds1337. Looking again at your serial monitor ds1337, it d1337 like your code was not ds1337 to set the clock time. Also, you need to double-check whether you’ve followed the board layout restrictions regarding ground and signals going near the crystal pins, as per datasheet.

arduino – Problem using DS – RTC – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

I am not sure about ds1337 masking here. These bits are both set to logic 1 32kHz when power is first applied. That ds1337 be the cause of your problem. Also, why did you have to change the lib and Wire. If there’s a signal going near the crystal pins, the internal IC registers will get corrupted. I’ve also seen some code that did the ds1337 using Wire ds1337 directly.


I am unable to get what I am doing ds1337. If you get ds1337 clean 32,Hz square wave, then it’s oscillating properly.

Need ds1337 with this. To properly ds337 the I2C communication, you’ll need an oscilloscope like I ds1337 in this question of mine: Is case grounding compulsory in typical Ds1337 up using Email and Password.

But I would double-check all that wiring. What changes ds1337 you make? Please check my updated answer last 2 paragraphs. This active-low bit when set to logic 0 starts the oscillator.

Post as a guest Name. Although I also tried with 5V, but ds1337 didn’t work.