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Crossed Swords: Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within is a book by Shuja Nawaz. It is a detailed study of the military’s involvement in the evolution of . 1 Oct Crossed Swords. Pakistan, its Army, and the Wars Within. Shuja Nawaz. Oxford Pakistan Paperbacks. The definitive, inside story and historical. 22 May Based on 30 years of research and analysis, this definitive book is a profound, multi-layered, and historical analysis of the nature and role of the.

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A detailed history of Pakistan, its politics, wars with India by Shuja Nawaz. Republic of Equals Alan Thomas. These uprisings have pitted the Jihadis and their Al Qaeda associates against the army, breaking a relationship between the Mullahs and the Military that was born during the regime of General Ziaul Haq in the s and sustained by Pakistan’s support of the Kashmiri uprising against India through the army’s Jihadi surrogates.

Rob Johnson Crossed Swords: It is no wonder that Pak is not trusting of U.

Crossed Swords: Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within

Given the crucial role the Pakistan Army finds itself playing in the international struggle against insurgency and terrorism, Nawaz’s book is a vitally important contribution to our understanding of events in the sowrds of Afghanistan and the North-West Frontier Province, where American forces now operate. It is important to read books such as this to understand not how the army retains power, but to piece together a national psyche that guides Pakistan’s nation building.

The book is very well researched and written, however it needs t There is an advantage that Pakistani writers have over most others on the subcontinent. A must read for students of Pakistan history. Film is Like a Battleground Marsha Gordon.

Oct nawza, Mehtab Mumtaz rated it really liked it. Using many hitherto unpublished materials from the archives of the United States, the United Kingdom, and snuja General Headquarters of the Pakistan Army, as well shuna interviews with key military and political figures in Pakistan and the United States, he sheds light not only on the Pakistan Army and its US connections but also on Pakistan as a key Muslim country in one of the world’s toughest neighborhoods.


The Weight of Vengeance Troy Bickham.

Crossed Swords – Hardback – Shuja Nawaz – Oxford University Press

Feb 24, Haani rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 23, Khalid rated it really liked it Shelves: The Language in the book is not that easy to comprehend, even for the English speaking world. Oct 05, Umair Hashmi rated it liked it.

Or will an eventually unstable and Islamist-controlled army contribute to the collapse of the current Pakistani state and change its relationship with the West? Wars and Consequences This book takes you behind the headlines. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Also provides invaluable insight into the workings of the most powerful institution of Pakistan, its Army.

May Allaah give you the reward for this virtue, Thank You so much in advance. He then draws lessons from this history that may help Pakistan end its wars within and create a stabler political entity.

Crossed Swords

In doing so, he lays bare key facts about Pakistan’s numerous wars with India and its many rounds of political musical chairs, as well as the Kargil conflict of Two anonymous letters about death of General Asif Nawaz 5.

Jul shujq, Barry Sierer rated it it was amazing.

The army, whilst trying the save the nation, has found itself acting as power broker for a variety of competing political groups and running a civilian administration for which it was never trained.

Two anonymous letters about death of General Asif Nawaz 5: Feb 21, Mansoor Azam rated it it was ok. The Army of the Raj 4: The book is indeed a work of labour, detailed research work on Pak army and relations of politicians with the institute.

Regardless of whether he stays or goes, the role and nature of the Pakistan army remains key to Pakistan’s future. Haha rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Mansoor rated it really liked it Jul 16, Author’s grip over the history and his comprehension is excellent and is conveyed to the reader in an explicit manner I recommend th An excellent book. They have a story complete with intrigue, protagonists and antagonists, tin pot dictators and interesting characters.


Jihad as Grand Strategy S. A Difficult Birth It furthers the University’s objective of sworda in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Dec 29, Faraz Azam rated it really liked it. A Century of Conflict Jeremy Black. Aug 02, I rated it really liked it.

It is not a fast read but is well worth it. Umang rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Nov 15, Crossee rated it really liked it.

Jul 10, Waqas Iftikhar rated it it was amazing. The typical delivery time is 6 weeks. Waqar Ahmed the new edition is available now.

A must read for those who want to understand the “democratic” system and the relationships of politicians with the powerful Pakistan A One thing I can jawaz about Shuja Nawaz is that he doesn’t pull any punches swprds his analysis of the relationships between the Pakistan Army, bureaucracy and politicians.

Based on 30 years of research and analysis, this definitive book is a profound, multi-layered, and historical analysis of the nature and role of the Pakistan army in the country’s polity as well as its turbulent relationship with the United States. Provided great insight into the pivotal role the Pak Army has on its national system of government.

Crossed Swords – Paperback – Shuja Nawaz – Oxford University Press

crossev For most of its life as an independent state, Pakistan has been under direct or indirect army rule, while pursuing an elusive quest for nationhood.

If anyone has this book in Pdf form, would you please share this book with me on this email address shakeelsharza gmail. The First Kashmir War Republic of Equals Alan Thomas. The book also has some startling revelations like the presence of a CIA spy in Indira Gandhi’s cabinet during the war.